The Logo

The Eclaro Academy logo consists of a shield half colored blue and the other half with green; with a key drawn on its upper left-side and a book on its upper right-side, along with the letter E within a circle in the lower middle portion of the crest, and surrounded by the latin words ethicis, virtus and eruditus.

The shield symbolizes the role of education as a source of knowledge and power to fight against the shackles of ignorance and poverty;

The key represents the infinite world of ideas and the wealth of opportunities in life that can be opened once the desire for learning is unlocked;

The book stands for the search for truth, knowledge and excellence which every student must pursue through life-long learning;

Ethicis refers to the ethical or moral obligation of every individual to use one’s knowledge and talents for the common good, to preserve humanity, to promote peace and harmony, and to protect the environment that sustains life; without ethics, knowledge may become destructive to humankind.

Virtus means excellent knowledge and skills derived from continuous training and education which give an individual the power to transform and use one’s potentials to the fullest;

Eruditus represents enlightenment achieved through years of scholarly pursuits, dedication and perseverance to polish one’s self and achieve the real meaning and purpose of one’s life.

The letter E represents Eclaro Academy as an academic institution guided by the principles of ethics, excellence and enlightenment.

The circle around the letter E symbolizes the perfection of knowledge and the world that we live in.

The color blue is a symbol of truth, stability, peace, and harmony that can only be achieved by the proper use of knowledge. While green represents the abundance of nature, the prosperity of humankind, and the longevity of life brought forth by excellent and quality education acquired.