Corporate Social Responsibility

Eclaro Academy

In an effort to give back to the Filipino community and as part of Eclaro’s CSR initiatives, Eclaro Academy was established in 2013.  From a group of 18 technical-vocational scholars enrolled in the school under full subsidy from the business unit of Eclaro, the Eclaro Academy grew into a full-fledged academic institution offering pre-school, grade school and high school levels, as well as college degrees with 12 majors, including Computer Science, Accounting and Communications. Today, Eclaro Academy has more than 2,400 students and prides itself with all of its course offerings being recognized and accredited by the Department of Education (DepEd), Technical Education Skills Development Authority (TESDA), and the Commission on Higher Education.

For more information about Eclaro Academy, click here.


At the foundation of our company is the firm belief that Corporate, Social and Economic Responsibility is essential to our ongoing sustainability and growth.

Appropriate environmental stewardship is a key component of this Corporate Social and Economic Responsibility, as resources are not unlimited and we all have a responsibility to reduce our impacts on the environment.

Eclaro has taken the initiative to develop and enforce an Environmental Management System (EMS) with guidelines and policies to promote sustainable practices as it relates to environmental sustainability and corporate global citizenship.

We will be utilizing this EMS as a strategic tool to grow our business via sustainable practices.

Eclaro expects all employees to operate in an environmentally responsible manner.  Eclaro has also revised its Supplier Conduct Principles to articulate the company’s overall social and environmental requirements to our suppliers as well.

An overview of our EMS Program can be found here: Eclaro EMS Program Overview.   Please also review Eclaro’s Recycling Memo & Alarming Facts to better understand how we each can make an impact by reducing and recycling!  More information on our Energy Conservation initiatives are included in this PDF Eclaro Energy Conservation Memo EMS. If you would like to better understand our Supplier Environmental Management System (EMS) requirements please review the following: Eclaro SEMS Supplier Requirements.

Eclaro’s employees are held to the highest ethical standards in their conduct. Learn more by reviewing Eclaro’s Code of Conduct & Work Ethic Policy.

Charitable Affiliations

At Eclaro, we believe in giving back to our communities and encouraging our employees to take an active role in supporting causes and organizations they care about. Eclaro proudly supports the following charitable organizations:

  • St. Jude’s Children’s Research Hospital
  • R. Gene and Nancy D. Richter Foundation
  • Tommie Agee Foundation
  • St. Catherine’s of Siena Medical Center
  • St. Charles Hospital
  • Swim With Mike Donor
  • Philippines Children’s Medical Center
  • Reception and Study Center for Children – Philippines
  • Golden Reception and Action Center for the Elderly and other Special Cases – Philippines
  • Anawim Lay Missions Foundation (ALMS) Incorporated – Philippines
  • CRIBS Foundation Inc – Philippines